From its inception KESS has believed, that women are powerful forces for change. As catalysts for and agents of social change, women can be determined and resourceful in their fight to achieve a better future. Income in the hands of women positively affects the wellbeing of their families, since they spend a substantial proportion of it on their families’ food and health and children’s education.

Therefore KESS aims at empowering women by making them self sufficient and improving the overall quality of life by providing support both in the form of education and employment generation programmes. Some of our programmes are:

  • Self Help Groups (SHG) – 1000 SHGs in Thrissur district had enrolled 15000 women. Skill development training and credit facilities worth Rs. 20 crores have been provided for setting of small scale units for income generation.
  • Training programmes for employment generation are conducted on kitchen gardening, Jewellery making, beautician course, mushroom cultivation and fabric painting.
  • Insurance schemes for low income groups

Our success is evident when the women of our SHGs cross the threshold of personal diffidence and gender discrimination to participate in the local political sphere as panchayat members.