KESS Goes Green

a. KESS Farm

KESS farm has been in the forefront of the green initiatives of KESS. We take pride in stating that all cultivation is strictly organic and no chemical fertilizers are used. Some of the activities undertaken in the farm include vermin compost units, cultivation of plantains, tapioca, coconut, nutmeg etc. Fruit yielding trees like mango and jackfruit, vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, lady's finger, chilly, drumstick, bittergourd, snakegourd and the like. The farm also develops organic and biowaste induced manure, and livestock development. A team of proficient farmers strive to ensure the farm functions well.


b. Agro based women promotive IGPs

As a means towards income generation, KESS helped poor women, unable to find a source of income, to take charge of nursery sales outlets at various parts of Thrissur. They were assisted with trainings and technical support.

c. Nursery Management Training

KESS collaborates with professional institutions to provide trainings and capacity building programs for its beneficiaries on a regular basis.

d. Farmer’s Fest:

KESS conducts programs like Jnattuvela Chanda, Best farmer awards and other such timely events to honour and appreciate the everyday farmer and encourage others to get back to buying and using fresh home grown farm products to help the poor farmers out.

e. Kitchen garden promotion programme

To ensure that the beneficiaries have access to chemical free, fresh nutritious food from their very own backyards and enjoy health and savings in the process, the kitchen garden promotion program was conducted.. Organic saplings, manure, grow bags etc were distributed along with professional trainings on a frequent basis to those who avail the services, so they understand and implement it scientifically for better results.

f. KESS Marketing Centre

A market intended to sell organically grown fruits and vegetables, directly from the produce of self help groups and organic farmers is actively thriving at KESS Bhavan premises

Connect With Us

KURIAKOSE ELIAS SERVICE SOCIETY (KESS) KESS Bhavan, Naikkanal, Thrissur - 680001 Kerala, India.

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