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The health of an individual is directly connected to not just his well-being but also of his family. KESS has been facilitating different projects, services and activities for the empowerment of those afflicted with HIV, cancer, mental illness, kidney and heart diseases etc. Treatment and medical support apart, we have reached out to fulfilling basic needs of their families including their children. Supports are provided for housing, nutrition, education, marriage, income generation needs as required. The major area of health care and support has been for HIV/AIDS and cancer, which are elaborated below.

1.HIV/AIDS Intervention of KESS

From creating awareness to tackling major threats like HIV/ AIDS, KESS has always considered health care as one of its core competencies. Reaching medical aid to the most inaccessible areas and to the most marginalized groups has been KESS’s greatest gratification. KESS has been serving as an interventional model ever since 2007, successfully implementing projects in the districts of Thrissur and Palakkad, the latest being Kozhikode. So far we were able to reach around 1500 HIV affected families spread in Thrissur, Palakkad, Malappuram, Kozhikode, Wayanad, Kannur and Kasaragod Districts of Kerala. The major objective of KESS in HIV care is to create better living conditions for the PLHIV and to stop further spread of the virus. KESS believes in teamwork, networking with NGOs, GOs, PRIs, religious bodies and other institutions for the benefit of the PLHIV and their families. This collaborative effort of working towards a common goal by all institutions beyond their social or religious differences has been inevitable in this pursuit for development. This synergized energy creates a conducive atmosphere for PLHIV and their families to social inclusion.

The major services of KESS in HIV prevention, care & support can be brought together under the following headings

1. Undertaking awareness programmes and advocacy initiatives
2. Formation of supportive groups through networking
3. Care and support for PLHIV and their family members
4. Education support for children and their holisticdevelopment
5. Economic development activities and income generation programmes

|. HIV/AIDS Thrissur [HAT Project]

KESS initiated its HIV care intervention named HIV/AIDS Thrissur [HAT] in the district in the year 2007. HAT was the first major project by KESS in the field of HIV serving 966 PLHIV and 160 HIV affected. This intervention model of KESS in Thrissur was recognized and suggested as a model of social inclusion for PLHIV, by the Kerala Institute of Local Administration [KILA].

II. HIV/AIDS Palakkad Project for the Infected[ HAPPI]

The HIV/AIDS Palakkad Project for the Infected [HAPPI] was initiated in 2011 by KESS. The district of Palakkad has an area of 4482 sq. kms, with a population of 28,09,934; 95 PRIs, 88 GPs, 7 Municipalities, 13 Blocks, 6 Taluks and 157 Villages, reaching out to 1368 PLHIV and 2355 people affected with the disease.

III. Kozhikode AIDS Rehabilitation Efforts [KESS KARE]

Since 2016, KESS is going strong in its HIV intervention project in Kozhikode district named Kozhikode AIDS Rehabilitation Efforts [KESS KARE] targeting 850 PLHIV and 2100 HIV affected.

HIV/AIDS, ‘HIV/AIDS – Reflections & Responses’

KESS-KARE organized a major State Conference in the title ‘HIV/AIDS, ‘HIV/AIDS – Reflections & Responses’on 11th& 12th of August 2018 based in which all the relevant stakes, around 307 participants including PLHIV, affected members, NGOs, government departments, field experts, academicians etc., along with many eminent personalities from all walks of the society participated. This conference envisions stimulating thoughts, experiences, knowledge and practice in the field of HIV/AIDS and to accelerate the translation of multi-disciplinary advances into actions and affect policy change for the betterment of communities and individuals burdened by HIV/ AIDS.As a part of the conference, there were key presentations on 5 major themes in which physical, psychological, social and economic challenges of PLHIV were discussed and reflected, which was finally brought together as response strategy in the final session which was recorded and published as a document. This publication is further forwarded to concerned govt. departments and other stakes that design policy and implement various welfare schemes for PLHIVs.

HIV Intervention Consolidation

Sl.No Beneficiary/Service/ Activity HAT HAPPI KARE Total
1 PLHIV 996 1368 850 3214
2 Affected 1600 2355 2100 6055
3 Families 410 622 370 1402
4 Children 265 619 499 1383
5 higher education 15 65 42 122
6 Job with project support 10 20 10 40
7 IGP 19 118 110 247
8 Housing support 10 60 25 95
9 marriage 5 10 8 23
10 LAC formed 30 88 62 180
11 SSS formed 5 5 4 14
12 PLHIV groups formed 30 48 31 109
13 PRI funds allotted 1300000 2650000 1200000 5150000
14 Awareness @ Education institutions 180 912 246 1338
15 Awareness @kudumabashree 277 1749 112 2138
16 Awareness @religious 80 135 43 258
17 Short film 229 260 489
18 Health Education sessions 6024 24987 9561 40572
19 Counselling 3473 10672 5894 20039
20 house visits 3044 10320 2120 15484
21 care takers 299 840 620 1759
22 Nutritious Food kits distributed 4360 8230 1450 14040
23 family Get together 138 170 19 327
24 Kitchen garden 0 0 170 170

2.KESS Intervention for Cancer Afflicted

Chavara Cancer Care for Children Project (4C)

Cancer is one of the major lifestyle diseases which is on the rise. All members of a cancer stricken family endure the trauma related to the condition especially children whose requirements such as education, marriage and career go unnoticed and into the unknown. The 4C Project aims to provide support to such children who are infected /affected by Cancer. It also includes availing schemes for cancer patients. This project is a people’s participatory one. Mobilization of resources especially financial assistance has been availed from many well wishers. Like minded organizations have come forward to network with this project. Meetings were conducted with 30 participants from palliative care units and service providing centers to discuss and identify gaps in services and bring about possible solutions.

Project Summary

Project area Thrissur, Palakkad, Calicut and Malappuram
Target group Cancer afflicted children and their families
Project goal Care and Support for Cancer Afflicted Children
Target population 500

Activity Table

No. Activities
1 Educational Support
3 Nutritious Kit Distribution
4 Marriage support
5 House construction, repairs and maintenance
6 Counseling support
7 Life Skill Education
8 Family Getogether
9 Cancer Day & Rose Day Observation
10 4C Associates Get together
11 Awareness Generation Programmes
12 Networking with like minded organisations
13 Onam & Xmas Celebrations
14 House Visits
15 Debt clearance assistance
16 Availing government schemes
17 Fund raising campaigns
18 Medical camp and regular check ups

4C Associates

Each zone of the beneficiary group has a team of volunteers called 4C Associates . Most of them have some medical expertise, knowledge and experience in the treatment and care of this disease. 90% of these Associates have had a personal association with a cancer patient. This know- how helps the project get a constant and direct feedback from each beneficiary as each associate has direct access and a personal association with these families. The 4C Associates deserve special mention in the project as they are the linking pins who make the process happen in the community.

3. Kidney Care

KESS has initiated support to severely critical patients with kidney damage and their families. Factors concerned with their housing, children’s education, nutritious food etc are taken care of. Kidney check up and other medical support have also been extended to the beneficiaries.

4. Mind Care for the Mentally Ill

Families with a parent who is mentally ill, are supported. The development of their children is primarily focused upon. KESS supports their educational period, providing educational kits for school going students, career guidance, house visits, counseling, personality and motivational sessions, higher education support etc so that they may stand up on their own feet and have a better future irrespective of their unfortunate backgrounds.

5. Heart Care

KESS collaborates with specialist medical institutions and has provided free heart check up, blood tests, ECG, Doctor’s consultation and sessions on living with a healthy heart to the beneficiaries associated with us

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KURIAKOSE ELIAS SERVICE SOCIETY (KESS) KESS Bhavan, Naikkanal, Thrissur - 680001 Kerala, India.

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