From creating awareness to tackling major threats like HIV/AIDS, KESS has always considered health care as one of its core competencies. Reaching medical aid to the most inaccessible areas and to the most marginalised groups has been KESS’s greatest gratification. This has been achieved through:

  • Mobile clinics
  • Barefoot nurses
  • Setting up of rural health centres

Through its HIV/AIDS Care and Support Projects at Thrissur (HAT) & Palakad (HAPPI):

  • Medical support to those infected with HIV/AIDS
  • Counselling services to the infected and the family
  • Distribution of nutritional kits
  • Education support to children of the infected
  • Awareness programmes and street plays
  • Formation & skill development of CBOs, peer educators and care takers

KESS lays stress on developing the community’s capacity to manage its own health care.