KESS’s community development schemes involve a wide range of activities aimed to improve production, infrastructure and living standards of people. KESS identifies economically backward villages and through people’s participation determines and render those needs which are most required by the community. Some of the services KESS has undertaken are:

  • Social transformation through awareness programmes
  • Providing Land and Housing Facilities
  • Literacy Programmes
  • Providing medical aid
  • Generation of self employment opportunities
  • Enabling ecologically sustainable development
  • Facilitating entry into employment schemes
  • Promotion of agro related ventures
  • Insurance scheme for low income groups
  • Building roads
  • Setting up community centres

KESS’s backing has helped the community to find solutions to its own problems instead of waiting for charity. It has aided in knitting together society at the grass roots and deepening democracy. 3K Puram, Udayagram, Puthur & Nadathara (Kerala), Silwani & Searmau (Madhya Pradesh), Pollachi (Tamil Nadu) are the areas where these projects were successfully implemented covering more than 70 villages.