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Students Education Promotion Programme of KESS, SEPPOK(During the year 2013-14)


a.II) Students Scholarship Programme &Training;

Scholarships were distributed to the students ,Whose parents are HIV/AIDS infected/affected on 21st December 2013 in a Ceremony held at KESS. Awareness class for parents and children were..


Award was given to 10 students by the chairperson Kerala Women's Commission Mrs.Rosakutty Teacher to the 5th to 12th standard students in a public function,along with Rs.1000..

Service Providing Centre (SPC)

KESS has stepped into a new venture by establishing a Service Providing Center for the protection of women from Domestic Violence at Kess Bhavan 1st floor,Naickanal,Thrissur-1.It is..

Jalanidhi at Nadathara

A 11 crore project for Jalanidhi to make available drinking water at the door steps.To more than 3000 families is being implemented at Nadathara grama panchayath in..

Sponsorship for children for the academic year 2014-15

For the academic year 2014-15, KESS plans to support 500 students whose parents are affected by HIV/AIDS in Thrissur and Palakkad district. Those who wish to..

Donate us in enabling the need to improve their own lives . . .

KESS’s community development schemes involve a wide range of activities aimed to improve production, infrastructure and living standards of people. KESS identifies economically backward villages and through people’s participation determines and render those needs which are most required by the community. Some of the services KESS has undertaken are:

  • Social transformation through awareness programmes
  • Providing Land and Housing Facilities
  • Literacy Programmes
  • Providing medical aid
  • Generation of self employment opportunities
  • Enabling ecologically sustainable development
  • Facilitating entry into employment schemes
  • Promotion of agro related ventures
  • Insurance scheme for low income groups
  • Building roads
  • Setting up community centres

KESS’s backing has helped the community to find solutions to its own problems instead of waiting for charity. It has aided in knitting together society at the grass roots and deepening democracy. 3K Puram, Udayagram, Puthur & Nadathara (Kerala), Silwani & Searmau (Madhya Pradesh), Pollachi (Tamil Nadu) are the areas where these projects were successfully implemented covering more than 70 villages.

When disaster strikes, KESS responds at the earliest, providing essential things like food, clothing and shelter. We remain as long as we’re needed, helping local people to restore their communities and livelihoods. It had rendered its services during:

  • Latur Earthquake – 150 houses and a stabiliser assembling unit were set up at the place for empowering
    women victims.
  • Orissa Cyclone -- A relief team, including doctors and paramedical personnel provided medical services to the affected.
  • Gujarat Earthquake -- A team worked among the survivors to reduce their suffering.
  • Tsunami – At Keezhmidalam in Tamil Nadu - distributed mechanised fishing boats, opened a computer training centre, distributed uniforms & study materials to the children, constructed 37 new houses and community hall and provided drinking water schemes.

From creating awareness to tackling major threats like HIV/AIDS, KESS has always considered health care as one of its core competencies. Reaching medical aid to the most inaccessible areas and to the most marginalised groups has been KESS’s greatest gratification. This has been achieved through:

  • Mobile clinics
  • Barefoot nurses
  • Setting up of rural health centres

Through its HIV/AIDS Care and Support Projects at Thrissur (HAT) & Palakad (HAPPI):

  • Medical support to those infected with HIV/AIDS
  • Counselling services to the infected and the family
  • Distribution of nutritional kits
  • Education support to children of the infected
  • Awareness programmes and street plays
  • Formation & skill development of CBOs, peer educators and care takers

KESS lays stress on developing the community’s capacity to manage its own health care.

Nutrition, health care, education, clothing are some of the basic rights denied to dalits in India. KESS has been able to make great strides in this area by reaching out to the ‘unreached’. Knowing that economic freedom is the only way to break the bonds of poverty, KESS has helped provide credit facilities for self employment. In the adult literacy classes & formal education to dalit children, they are taught the values of freedom, equality and human dignity. Walking through miles of hilly terrain, health care has been provided to the different dalit villages. Social transformation has begun, slowly but steadily...

Housing, which is a basic right, remains a distant dream for most impoverished people. KESS aims to fulfill this dream by helping ordinary families to build their own homes. Our monetary aid along with their labour & resources has helped 1600 families make their dream home a reality.

KESS also collaborates with communities to improve their access to safe drinking water and convinces them of the importance of waste management. We have provided water points in communities and built water tanks for schools. In addition KESS has helped economically backward communities to build 1300 latrines thereby improving the hygiene of the villages. Thekkumkara, Madakkathara and Nadathara Gramapanchayats in Thrissur District have benefitted from the Jalanidhi project undertaken by us.

With exploitation of children on the rise, irrespective of class and gender, KESS aims to prevent such mishaps through our various activities:

  • With the assistance of Central Social Welfare Board, six crèches are run by KESS, thereby ensuring the safety of children while their mothers are at work
  • Anti Substance Abuse Campaign was carried out to spread awareness among school children about the dangers of substance abuse.
  • The Student Education Promotion Programme of KESS (SEPPOK) aims at the holistic development of students through counselling, personality development and sex education classes, career guidance and provision of Scholarships.
  • Improving school infrastructure like constructing water tanks

From its inception KESS has believed, that women are powerful forces for change. As catalysts for and agents of social change, women can be determined and resourceful in their fight to achieve a better future. Income in the hands of women positively affects the wellbeing of their families, since they spend a substantial proportion of it on their families’ food and health and children’s education.

Therefore KESS aims at empowering women by making them self sufficient and improving the overall quality of life by providing support both in the form of education and employment generation programmes. Some of our programmes are:

  • Self Help Groups (SHG) – 1000 SHGs in Thrissur district had enrolled 15000 women. Skill development training and credit facilities worth Rs. 20 crores have been provided for setting of small scale units for income generation.
  • Training programmes for employment generation are conducted on kitchen gardening, Jewellery making, beautician course, mushroom cultivation and fabric painting.
  • Insurance schemes for low income groups

Our success is evident when the women of our SHGs cross the threshold of personal diffidence and gender discrimination to participate in the local political sphere as panchayat members.

With earth being the only planet to sustain life, there is an urgent need to preserve the world and its resources. KESS does it’s part by:

  • Assisting communities to work out sustainable forms of farming, like organic farming & marketing the products through our marketing centre
  • Effective waste management methods like soak & compost pits
  • Promotion of non conventional energy
  • Conduct extensive training programmes
  • Organic manure production through Vermin compost
  • Rain water harvesting

Through this endeavour we help the present generation to ensure that the health, diversity and productivity of the environment is maintained or enhanced for the benefit of their future generations.

A lot of young people struggle to meet their most basic needs, leaving them extremely vulnerable to impoverishment and anti social persuasion. KESS through its specialised trainings and education provide aspiring youth a prospect for achieving economic independence. Self employment has been achieved by many through our courses on:

  • House Wiring & Plumbing
  • Tailoring
  • Printing & Binding
  • Batic & screen printing
  • Auto mechanic training
  • Wood craving
  • Welding and fabrication
  • Mechanised carpentry

We also help the youth to gain the skills and knowledge they need to ensure a livelihood so that they can support their families and break the bonds of poverty.

The Government channels several training programmes needed by young people to find productive work or to become entrepreneurs, through various NGOs. KESS has thus implemented various Government and Quasi government initiated training programmes like :

  • Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programme ( REDP )
  • Skill Development Initiative ( SDI )
  • Pradhan Manthri’s Rozgar Yojana ( PMRY )
  • Micro Entrepreneurship Development Programme ( MEDP )

A sales cum marketing outlet was set up in the KESS premises in 1999 to help the small entrepreneurs of SHGs and the weaker sections of society to facilitate sales and marketing of their produces. It is an attempt to benefit the producers by fetching a reasonable rate, and consumers to get quality products avoiding intermediaries. Some of the products include:

  • Curry powder, honey & other packaged food items
  • Handicrafts
  • Candles, soaps & incense
  • Agricultural products